There are many teaching career paths to choose from, but one of the most challenging yet rewarding paths would be to become an early childhood development teacher. As an ECD teacher, you will be surrounded by young kids every day. 


There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a young child grow into a responsible and competent student. You will help them achieve many milestones in their young lives and influence their behaviour more than anyone daily. For this reason, you must obtain the best education and skills possible to provide everything these young children will need to succeed.


Benefits of Becoming an Early Childhood Development Teacher


  1. You get to share many first time experiences with the children, such as learning to write and count.
  2. You will teach children to learn in new ways and overcome challenges. 
  3. They will contribute to you becoming a better parent since you’ll be surrounded by kids with different personalities.
  4. You can let your inner child come out at times, and no one will ever care.
  5. It will make you more creative, and Pinterest will become your new best friend.
  6. It will also teach you to be patient.
  7. No two days will ever be the same which makes for a very exciting career.
  8. You can teach them serious life lessons in a fun way. 
  9. You can help them form healthy habits like washing their hands before they eat and after toilet breaks.
  10. Multi-tasking will become second nature. It’s no easy task to listen to five children speaking at once.


Do you need more proof that there is no better job than an early childhood development teacher? Unless you don’t like children, it’s not possible to find a more fun and fulfilling job. 


Choosing Between a Teaching Diploma and a Teaching Degree


After deciding to become a teacher, the decision making doesn’t stop there. There are several other crucial decisions that you need to make such as choosing between primary education and secondary education. Selecting the right teaching institute and deciding between studying for a teaching diploma or a degree.


To make informed decisions, you’ll first need to know all the facts. Only you would know whether you prefer to teach small children vs teenagers, thus that decision will be based on your preference. 


What’s The Difference Between A Teaching Diploma And A Teaching Degree?


A Teaching diploma:

  • Usually takes 18 – 24 months to acquire
  • Will often allow you to specialise in a certain field of teaching, such as primary school or pre-primary education
  • Typically costs less than a teaching degree
  • Can be obtained via distance learning


A Teaching degree:

  • Typically takes four years to complete
  • Is needed if you want to educate high school students or to specialise in a specific subject
  • Requires full-time study