As one of the most sought-after driveway solutions in Durban, tar asphalt not only offers an aesthetically pleasing finish but is also a durable and cost-effective choice. Prosagoge Trading Enterprises, a leading name in Durban’s construction realm, offers top-notch tar asphalt driveways, combining quality workmanship with transparent pricing. If you’re considering a tar asphalt driveway in Durban, understanding the pricing factors is essential to making an informed decision. This article delves deep into the facets that influence the cost.

Factors Influencing Tar Asphalt Driveway Pricing in Durban:

  1. Size of the Driveway: Naturally, the larger the driveway, the more materials and labour will be required, affecting the overall cost. A compact driveway for a residential home will differ in price from sprawling driveways of commercial establishments.
  2. Preparation Work Needed: If the area designated for the driveway has significant irregularities, additional groundwork may be necessary before the asphalt can be laid. Such prep work might include leveling the ground, removing existing structures, or reinforcing the foundation.
  3. Thickness of the Asphalt Layer: While a standard thickness might suffice for regular residential driveways, areas expecting heavy vehicular traffic might need a more substantial layer, impacting the cost.
  4. Quality of Materials: Not all asphalt is created equal. At Prosagoge Trading Enterprises, we only use the highest quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability. While premium materials might have a higher initial cost, they prove cost-effective in the long run, requiring fewer repairs.
  5. Local Regulations: Some areas in Durban may have specific zoning regulations or municipal codes that might influence the construction process and, by extension, the cost.
  6. Additional Features: If you desire special features like decorative borders, unique finishes, drainage systems, or embedded lighting, these will be factored into the final price.

Why Choose Prosagoge Trading Enterprises for Your Tar Asphalt Driveway?

  1. Transparent Pricing: We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients. When we provide a quote, we ensure it’s detailed, highlighting every cost aspect so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  2. Expertise: Our team possesses deep knowledge of Durban’s terrain and climate, ensuring your driveway is built to withstand local conditions.
  3. Holistic Services: Beyond just laying down the asphalt, we provide comprehensive services, including site evaluation, groundwork, and post-construction maintenance advice.
  4. Custom Solutions: Recognizing that every property is unique, we offer tailored solutions, ensuring your driveway complements your property’s aesthetics and meets functional requirements.


In the dynamic city of Durban, where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, a tar asphalt driveway serves as a practical yet stylish solution. However, it’s essential to view it not just as an expense but as an investment. With a well-laid driveway, the value of your property can significantly increase, offering an excellent return on investment.

When you choose Prosagoge Trading Enterprises for your driveway needs, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re partnering with a team that brings expertise, commitment, and a deep understanding of your needs to the table.

Are you ready to transform your property with a state-of-the-art tar asphalt driveway? Contact Prosagoge Trading Enterprises today, and let’s pave the path to your property’s enhanced appeal and functionality.