Some people have pictures of private detectives coming directly from dramatic movies and TV shows, with overnight surveillance, stone presentations, and of course, the fedora hats and coats they wear. The reality of private detectives is very different. Individuals in this area can combine military or law enforcement training with professional organizational, critical thinking, and analytical skills.


Private detectives help individuals and businesses find information that is nearly impossible to detect on their own. And their capabilities and experience make them a reliable resource for other law enforcement teams. Still not sure what a private investigator can do for you? These good reasons to hire a private detective can show you the value of your personal and professional needs. 


From unfaithful marriage to the concealment of property, divorce can lead to rational people behaving irrationally. Private detectives can help legal teams or individuals determine the truth behind the allegations and provide evidence to support their views. 

Background Checks

You know that if you’ve done your own background checks, it can be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. Private detectives have the resources and connections to go to future employees, babysitters, businesses, new tenants, and even potential suitors to make sure everything is normal. 

Child Custody

If parents fail to reach a friendly parenting solution, they can be difficult, compelling, or vindictive. Private detectives can provide surveillance services or conduct asset searches to ensure the safety and protection of the children involved. 

Missing People

People may need help finding a missing person. Scanning public records and following paper routes can be exhausting and difficult, but private detectives know how to investigate to find people who may be off the radar. 

Corporate Compliance

How does a company protect its interests and employees from competitors who may not comply with policies, government regulations, or legal requirements? External research using a private investigator allows companies to get more information and ensure that all the right protocols are put in place.

Forensic Investigation of Documents

Private detectives can evaluate paper trails for credibility and accuracy to assist in civil and criminal matters. From handwritten verification to printed documents, verified evidence can often make a difference. Therefore, detective skills can be very important. 

Due Diligence

Large-scale commercial transactions should not be carried out without the necessary precautions. Private detectives can also remove the difficulty from this process. Corporate due diligence is deeper than standard background checks and public record searches, and businesses often rely on private detectives to go one step further. 

Forensic Accounting

Crime does not have to be violent to be harmful. Financial fraud, asset theft, and concealment can be devastating to businesses as well as individuals. Private detectives can focus on documentation, accounting, and even digital recording to get answers using the latest methodologies. Most companies and law firms do not have the experience or staff to effectively solve these problems. 

Security Details

From debugging to event security, private detectives have the experience of predicting scenarios, resolving situations, and ensuring personal safety in any environment. Professional training and professionalism make the difference for perfect safety. Some private detectives may also act as bodyguards or provide separate, armed and unarmed executive security. 


Yes, you can still rely on a private detective for stakeouts, but surveillance is much more complex. Personal observation is only a level of vigilance. Detectives can also monitor with technical equipment, online features, and intensive interviews to gather information for you and your business.


These ten reasons to hire a private detective are not the only ones. If you don’t know how a highly trained and licensed private detective can help you, you need to find a reputable company that can answer your questions and explain the procedure.