Some people say that air conditioners are a waste of energy because they use more power than they produce. However, the truth is that installing air conditioning provides a number of important health benefits.

A study from Johns Hopkins University has found that  having an AC in your home could reduce the risk of asthma attacks  by about 20%. This is because allergies and other respiratory problems can be exacerbated by high humidity levels. With humidity levels down around 30% or less, there will be fewer allergens floating in the air inside your house, so you’ll experience fewer symptoms and less aggravation when you do come into contact with them.

Air conditioning also helps to regulate body temperature; we sweat less on hot days if we’re staying cool indoors! This means that our bodies will work less hard to remove excess heat, keeping us more comfortable.

You’ll also find that you’re able to get a better night’s sleep when your bedroom is kept cool at night; this can be especially beneficial for the elderly who are more susceptible to high temperatures and who may have trouble sleeping when they’re hot and uncomfortable (particularly if they’re not used to air conditioning and need time to get acclimated).

There’s one more reason we all should be grateful for the invention of air conditioning – it may help combat stress. Because we know that temperature extremes can cause both anxiety and stress, having an indoor climate that can be easily regulated (and that’s comfortable all year round!) will help you feel at ease and relaxed, even when it’s hot outside.

Air conditioning can have a positive impact on your health as well as the environment – so please don’t waste energy by leaving your AC off or keeping it at a low setting. You’ll be doing great things for both your body and the earth when you keep your AC running!


The most obvious health benefit of having an air conditioner is that it provides relief from the heat. Plus, they help regulate your body temperature and reduce stress levels. Air conditioning can be a lifesaver for allergy sufferers as well because it reduces the amount of pollen in the air!  Air conditioning has been found to have many other hidden benefits such as reducing asthma attacks by 20%. It helps us sleep better at night too which means we’ll wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

The last benefit may surprise you – AC’s also lower our levels of anxiety and stress!

Just always remember to not waste energy by turning your unit off when not in use or setting them on low!