There are few shortcuts in life when it comes to obtaining essential official documentation once the original has been lost, however, this is where the document procurement specialists at Doc Assist come to the rescue.

This team will assist you with everything from getting marriage and divorce certificates, British documents and Embassy verification, matric certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, drivers licences and more, up to and including translation services.

Over and above this, you’ll find that obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is quick and painless when you put the entire process into the very capable hands of the team at Doc Assist!

Doc Assist applies for police clearance certificates on behalf of their clients on a daily basis, making them real experts when it comes to making sure your application actually gets into the system, the right way, and will be followed up by professionals who know their way around the system well by now!

Major backlog at SAPS for issuing of police clearance certificates

Despite the fact that the SAPS Criminal Record Centre (CRC) is experiencing a major backlog in issuing PCC’s due to an increased demand for them, Doc Assist is able to streamline the process for you. 

You could be looking at getting your police clearance certificate within only 15 working days, which is a lot better than the 4 to 6 weeks it could take you to apply on your own.

Avoid mistakes that lead to frustrating delays in obtaining a PCC

One of the main mistakes that’ll be avoided when you obtain your police clearance certificate via Doc Assist will be to make sure that your application has indeed been registered on the system, especially with the overload currently being dealt with by SAPS.

Another mistake that’ll be avoided is that of not following up on your application diligently. Doc Assist knows exactly where, when and how to follow up on your application, without wasting your time.

The smallest mistake in spelling your name, getting a date wrong or any other minute detail can delay your application, which will be avoided when you work through Doc Assist. This team will make sure that all documentation is correctly filled in, crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s, so that no small details will hold up your application.

Why you need a police clearance certificate

Working or studying overseas is going to mean that you need a police clearance certificate in order to do so. The country you’ll be working or studying in will want to know that you don’t have a criminal record attached to your name, before you can work or study there.

You’ll also need a police clearance certificate for certain jobs that involve looking after children, the elderly or disabled people, especially due to their vulnerability.

Find out more about PCC’s from Doc Assist!

If you’d like to obtain a police clearance certificate quickly and painlessly, contact the friendly team of document procurement specialists at Doc Assist today!