Our roofs are often taken for granted at one time or another; we just tend to ignore them until they stop working or have a leak. It’s impossible to ignore a leaky roof and put it off for another day. In fact, by the time your roof begins to leak, your home may already be facing serious problems. If you have a roof leak, you run the risk of damage to ceilings, water stains, rot, mould, and structural damage.


Several factors can cause a roof to leak, ranging from storm damage to shingle decay to old age. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your leaky roof. Hire a reputable, insured roofing company to inspect the issues, locate the source of your leak, and have it repaired properly and promptly. You can save thousands of rands and a lot of headaches if you act fast if you discover a leak. Below are three uncommon signs of roof damage to look out for.

Black Spots on the Ceiling

Black spots on a roof are often ignored by homeowners. Although black spots may seem like a common problem, they can be dangerous and require immediate roof repair. If you ignore or neglect black spots on your roof, you will eventually see them worsen, including more leaks and mould growth.

Sounds of Whistling in Your Home

Does your house have a mysterious airflow or whistling sound? These could be signs of roof damage. It may be difficult to determine the source of airflow when your roof has sustained small but persistent damage. This is true especially if your home is fully sealed and yet still seems to have a strange air flow sound.

Your Roof Is Being Overrun by Animals

A roof that has animals on it may seem the most obvious sign of roof damage. The problem, however, is real and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Animals often hide in broken areas on your roof that are easy to enter. An increase in animal activity on your roof may indicate a large area open to invasion.

Leaking Roof Repairs Cape Town

If you have a roof leak, Anchor Roofing will provide you with a comprehensive inspection, a comprehensive plan, and an estimate for repairing or replacing the roof. Call us today!