Are you tired of looking at ugly flooring? Do your friends and family make fun of your ugly flooring?

There are many ways that you can transform the look of your home. For example, one of the best ways is to switch out your old, ugly flooring for new and improved polyurethane flooring. It will give you a whole new graceful home.

Polyurethane flooring is one of the best choices for someone who wants a durable and long-lasting floor. It is a popular choice for homes and other commercial buildings for many years. Polyurethane floor coating is applied to any surface, including wood, concrete, or masonry. 

This article will show you how to select the best polyurethane flooring.

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What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a plastic-like film that forms after the chemical reaction between a polyol resin and a poly-isocyanate curing agent. Polyurethane flooring is tough, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

How is it different from Epoxy?

Epoxy is an adhesive used to bond the polyurethane to the subfloor. Polyurethane has some advantages over epoxy. 

  • It is hard and more scratch-resistant than epoxy.
  • It does not require extra steps or cost as much as using two multiple layers applications. 
  • In order to complete the installation process as quickly as possible, many people choose this option.

Types of Polyurethane Flooring 

There are two types of polyurethane coats. 

  1. Oil-based polyurethane
  2. Water-based polyurethane.

Oil-based Polyurethane

Oil-based polyurethane is a more durable option than water-based, and it is suitable in areas with heavy traffic. While oil-based polyurethane is not a good choice for high-humidity areas, its application is easy over concrete, concrete block, or wood.

Water-based Polyurethane

Water-based polyurethane is the best choice for homes with allergies. It’s easier to clean, which makes it a better option if you want to use your flooring as an area of easy access for family and friends. The water in the coating makes this type of polyurethane more eco-friendly than oil-based coatings.

How to Choose the Right Polyurethane Flooring: Things to Consider

Polyurethane is a good choice for any home, but there are some things you should know before choosing it. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when opting for polyurethane flooring.


It is one of the most important things to notice when considering a new floor. You need flooring that will last a long time. Polyurethane is durable and will last for years without needing to be replaced. It is a good option if you want something that will withstand heavy wear and tear.

Scratching and water damage

The Scratches and water damage are more likely in homes with children, pets, and people who walk around in shoes. Polyurethane is scratch resistant and can resist water damage, making it a good choice if you have kids or pets.


Flooring is not just a coating. It gives a new look to your place. You can choose a colour that matches the furniture or decor in your house. Polyurethane is available in many colours, so you can find one that fits your needs.


After the pandemic, everyone is struggling with the budget. While polyurethane flooring is more expensive than other types of flooring options, it is also very tough and long-lasting. It will save you money in the long run. It is an investment that you will not regret, for sure.


The world is already facing climate change, so it is all about making the right choices for our ecosystem. Polyurethane is made from renewable resources, so it’s an eco-friendly option. It does not emit any harmful chemicals or fumes during the production process, which is another reason why it is a popular choice for people who care about the environment.

Polyurethane Flooring Advantages

There are many benefits to choosing polyurethane flooring.

  • Polyurethane flooring is suitable for almost any room in your home—kitchen, bathroom, or living areas.
  • Its anti-slip surface is ideal for hospitals, factories, schools, and office buildings.
  • Its biggest selling point is its seamless flooring system, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.
  • It absorbs a degree of noise, so it is the best option for libraries, offices, and study rooms.
  • It is a good choice for families having kids and pets for its non-slip surface and easy maintenance.

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There are many options available for polyurethane flooring that you can choose from to fit your personal needs. If you are still wondering how to choose the right type of polyurethane flooring for your home or business, the best way is to contact a professional and let them help guide you through all the available choices.

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