Corporate clothing is an excellent way to improve your company’s brand recognition. It can be used to create unity within the workplace as well as promotional gifting to either thank existing clients for their business or find new customers.


Typically, any business that wants to provide a unified image to their customers, like restaurants, chain stores, tradesmen etc. can use corporate clothing. However, branded clothing isn’t limited to employees only. Below we will discuss all the ways you can use branded corporate clothing to your advantage.

Corporate Clothing for Employees

Corporate clothing is a great way to differentiate employees. By embroidering your company logo on shirts, you can create brand awareness. This is an excellent approach for staff who deals with clients, whether it is in your office or a public setting.  


Some companies use corporate clothing as an alternative to uniforms. You can achieve a more professional corporate look without imposing a stern uniform on your staff. Employees who wear corporate clothing will also feel comradery, which will result in a happier, more loyal workforce. 

Branded Clothing for Promotional Gifts

Promotional branded clothing is mainly used to increase the visibility of your brand since it will be distributed to staff, casual workers and customers. Branded clothing is an excellent promotional gift and will make your existing clients feel appreciated. It will remind them of your business whenever they wear it, thus building a long-lasting relationship with your brand. On top of that, they are spreading awareness of your brand everywhere they go. 


As for potential customers, t-shirts and caps are some of the most popular options for getting your brand recognised. People buy from companies they feel familiar with and if they already own something with your logo on it, chances are they’ll buy from you in future.


Oftentimes, t-shirts are passed on to other people and can end up in the unlikeliest of places. Since brand visibility is the whole point of branded clothing, it is a good thing. As long as somebody is wearing your t-shirt, your brand will be out there. 


Branded clothing can also be used to create brand awareness by giving it to your service providers. Any time someone wears something with your logo on, your brand will be noticed. The more often it happens the better for your bottom line.

Is Corporate Clothing Right For Your Business?

Branded clothing can provide many benefits to companies, but it’s not always going to be suitable for every organisation, or in every scenario. the types of business that branded clothing will go well with are those who wish to provide a powerful, unified image to their customers. The type of branded clothing that will be appropriate for your business will probably be determined by your brand image. Specifically, you should take into account how formal or informal you intend to appear.