Wholesale Food Supplier

A wholesale food supplier is a person, company, or establishment that supplies or sells food to clients in bulk quantities. Wholesale food supplier is a vital link that connects grower, manufacturer, and retailer. Food distributors purchase their products from wholesalers. Wholesale suppliers are essential for running smooth availability of food across businesses & organizations (that offer or sell food away from home).


Responsibilities of Wholesale Food Supplier

  • A wholesale food supplier ensures timely food delivery to the client.
  • An experienced wholesale food supplier has deep market connections and a specialized team. They build a good reputation for your business.
  • They ensure the quality of food and groceries. The fresh supply of food items is essential for any food provider.
  • They maintain the storage and transportation of food.
  • They deliver food items in bulk and on time, proficiently, and cost-effectively.


Finding the Best Wholesale Vegetable Supplier in Cape Town

Cape Town has a population of around 4 million. With that number of people, food businesses and the timely delivery of food supplies is inevitable. Cape town has many established wholesale food suppliers that deliver fruits, vegetables, meat, spices, and other grocery items across Cape town and the outskirts area. If you want to find the best wholesale vegetable supplier in Cape town, prefer the most reliable and trustworthy company. The process of wholesale supply starts with handpicking fresh and quality food products from growers. These items are then checked and maintained for quality before transportation and delivery to the retailers. The delivery units transport the items to clients with the utmost clean and hygienic standards. They ensure the quality and wholesomeness of vegetables.


Top Wholesale Vegetable Suppliers in Cape Town


Kerston Foods

Established in 1994, Kerston Foods is a leading wholesale vegetable supplier in Cape Town. It is a private company that sells, delivers, and distributes fresh, preserved, and frozen vegetable products to restaurants, schools, or college canteens, organizations, hospitals, and catering companies across Cape Town.

Address: Cape Town Address: Unit 6, Longclaw Business Park, Longclaw Drive,

Montague Gardens, 7441.

Contact: Whatsapp: 063 306 4537 | Phone: 021 551 7258

Email: sales@kerstonfoods.com


Veg and More

Veg and More has been in the wholesale food supply business since 2013. They have been serving the Western Cape Town community with quality and reliable service in vegetable supply. They operate their vegetable supply business with their sister company Oil and More. Quality vegetables, timely delivery, and perfect storage are their top priorities.

Address: 3 Drill Avenue, Unit 6 & 7 Drill Park, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441

Contact: Whats App: +2774315880 | Phone: 021 551 3855

 Email: info(@)vegandmore.co.za


M & R Marketing

M & R Marketing is professional in supplying fresh vegetables in the Western Cape. They have educated and skilled staff that provide expert services to clients. They offer the best quality products with quick delivery.

Address: 1A Benbow Avenue, Epping Industria, Cape Town, 7475

Contact: +27 21 531 7497

Email: annemie@mandrmarketing.co.za


Maitland Farm Supplies

Maitland farm supplies offer fresh vegetable delivery to their clients in bulk amounts. They provide professional service and reasonable prices.

Address: 110 Gunners Cir, Epping Industria, Cape Town, 7460

Contact: 021 531 0871

Email: info@mfsupplies.co.za


Food Lover’s Market

Food Lover’s Market is an experienced wholesale vegetable provider. They supply vegetables wholesale without compromising the quality. They pick, store and transport quality vegetables in committed time.

Address: 13 Mountain Mill Drive, Hospital Hill, Worcester, Western Cape 6850

Contact: 0319414853