I interviewed for a job and was told that I will hear back in 2-3 business days. I’m not sitting by the phone waiting, am I? Nope! But what should I be doing instead? Keep reading to find out how you can use AI recruitment platforms like Ejoobi to your advantage during this time. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Immediately after the interview, I made a list of all my questions and comments. Most importantly, what was your favorite part of working there? This is one way that you can keep those good vibes going between you and the company, as well as stand out from other candidates who may have been too preoccupied to gather some information.

Also within this time, I stay in touch with the person who interviewed me. When they share that there’s been absolutely no movement on the hiring front, it’s time to move along. If you continue to communicate and inquire after every two weeks, you can be certain that things are not going well.

But what should I be doing during the waiting stage? Here are my top 3 tips for this time, along with an example of how I used Ejoobi!

1. Edit your resume!

We all have one, but is it really tailored to each position you apply for? If not, this is a great time to re-do your resume with the job description in mind. Not only will you be able to maintain the status quo with your professional skillset, but you may uncover some gaps that were previously not visible to you.

2. Improve your LinkedIn profile

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to social media and how we can use it for our advantage. LinkedIn is one of the most useful platforms to have a clean, consistent resume that you can share with other companies and recruiters. The best part? You don’t even need an Ejoobi account to benefit from this!

3. Search for other companies and positions

I know, I know…easier said than done. But seriously, it’s the perfect time to practice those networking skills you’ve been working on! How? Well the obvious choice would be LinkedIn again.

This is where Ejoobi can help!

Every company, position, and recruiter has a profile with all their listings. All you need to do is create an account (free), and voila! You can now search by specific criteria including geography, industry, and salary range.

How I used Ejoobi to find my dream job

When I decided there was a change of plans and I wanted to be found by employers who were looking for someone with my skillset, Ejoobi was my solution.

I set up the job alerts so I would receive an email every time a company posted a new position that fits within the specific criteria I had chosen (including salary). If you’re like me, then you’ll receive nearly 1,000 emails every month. I know that sounds quite high, but if you were to receive the same email every time there was a new position posted on Ejoobi, it would be highly unlikely that you missed out on one!

I recommend having your phone right next to you so you can see the email notification. When you open it, you’ll be able to tell immediately if this is a company worth applying for.

A good job alert will include the following:

– The name of the company

– The name o f the position

– How much they are willing to pay (this can also help weed out unworthy positions)

– Where they are located (this is also very important to consider as you may not be willing or able to relocate)

As soon as I have the job description, I use this information to tailor my resume and cover letter specifically for them. When applying online, upload your personalized documents so it appears as the first result in the list.

When you’re ready to apply, make sure to use the email that your Ejoobi account is connected with. It will then follow up automatically!

This way, you get better visibility and get indexed by Ejoobi so other recruiters can also seek you out!


Ejoobi is an AI recruitment platform that can help you find your perfect job match. The first step to finding the right position for you is taking inventory of your skills, experience and what kind of company or industry would be a good fit. When applying online, upload your personalized documents so it appears as the first result in the list. If all this sounds like too much work- let’s chat! We’re here to provide expert advice on how best to utilize Ejoobi and other digital marketing channels for successful results. Reach out today before another employer gets there first!