Cape to Cairo is a South African gourmet grocery store in Perth Australia. They are home to the best of South African food and other goods like biltong jerky. This article will explore what you can find at Cape to Cairo-from traditional curries, sauces and snacks to designer clothes!

1. Traditional Curries and Sauces

Cape to Cairo offers the best of traditional South African curries and sauces you have ever tasted-from yellow split peas cooked for more than 24 hours, red curry made from a mix of chili powder, turmeric, coriander seed, and more to traditional Cape Malay bobotie that consists of ground beef or lamb meat with spices topped with an egg custard sauce. You can also find a range of sambal recipes here-these are made from chilies mixed with other ingredients such as shrimp paste, lime juice, and kaffir lime leaves. A wide variety of ready-to-eat sambals are available too!

Cape to Cairo also stocks a large variety of traditional South African sauces-from tomato and onion relish to ajvar roasted capsicum spread, they have it all!

2. Snacks from Home

Snacks from home are available from Cape to Cairo in Perth Australia. You can find biltong beef jerky, droëwors dried sausage made from spiced beef or pork as well as traditional boerewors that is also made from spiced beef or pork. Both types of sausage can be bought in lean or fatty versions depending on your preference and come either unpackaged so you can buy the quantity of biltong or droëwors desired, or packaged for convenience. Another popular South African snack is “rusks” which resemble hard croutons and come in sweet or salty versions.

3. Designer Clothes

Designer clothes are also available at Cape to Cairo-you will find a great selection of international brands here. From high street fashion labels both men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories to high-end brands, designer clothes are available in this shop!

4. South African Groceries

South African groceries are available at Cape to Cairo in Perth Australia too-ranging from fruits such as mangoes, oranges, and avocadoes to vegetables including cabbage, carrots, and potatoes to staples like maize meal (polenta), samp (crushed corn kernels), and brown rice. You can even stock your pantry with South African spices sold here!

5. Gift Hampers

Looking for a gift? You can find hampers containing South African goodies such as Amarula cream liqueur, rooibos tea, and more!

6. Other Goods

Cape to Cairo also sells other goods not related to food and fashion-you can buy soft toys here including lions and elephants, liquorice candy, and even wines from South Africa too!  

The Best of Traditional Curries and Sauces at Cape to Cairo in Perth Australia

You Have To Visit If You’re A Fan Of South African Food And Clothes!


There are many reasons to visit Cape to Cairo, a South African gourmet grocery store in Perth Australia. On top of the wide variety of traditional products from South Africa, you can find imported clothing and other items as well. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable about what they sell and there’s always something new coming through the door! Give them a call today or stop by for your next shopping experience if you want an authentic taste of life on this side of the world.