Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows

This post is especially for kids from 90’s. Yes, you heard it right, only kids from 90’s know about GBA Games.

I loved to play GBA games on a traditional console that my uncle brought for me I loved playing the best Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows.

I can’t forget those old days when I spent lots of hours in completing first ten stages of Captain Tsubasa.

I remembered the time and smiled when there were no option to restart a game from some previously saved state, and I cried a lot when there were power failure issues.

Do you know that you can get almost every GBA game today via internet websites? You can still play those games at home. Don’t worry about those traditional consoles; you don’t need to buy one, your PC will work as your GBA console now.

Below I’m going to share five best GBA emulators for Windows PC that will help you to play any GBA game for free.

If you don’t remember those games, check out this list of the best GBA games and download and start playing them right now.

I think without wasting your time I should start discussing Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows here:

Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance is the best emulator for GBA games, it has tons of features and can be a blessing for any hardcore gamer. The graphics, sound and everything is top notch, just check out its features to know more about it.


  • You can record screen with just one click.
  • You can use cheats available Online and also option to save and load states is available.
  • You can play games in full-screen mode(800×600) without compromising quality.
  • I wasn’t able to mention its all features so I just shared a screenshot below so you can check all of them yourself.

list of the best GBA games.


This one is a lightweight emulator, and I’ve tested it on my Windows 10 PC. The great thing about mGBA is that it got updated in December 2016 and the developer fixed a lot of bugs in it.

It runs smoothly without lagging on Windows 10 PC and previous Windows versions i.e. Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and XP too.

Let’s discuss some of its features. I played Dragon Ball Z on it in full-screen mode; nothing happened to graphics of that game while on some emulators the pixels quality gets down when you make the screen full. See the screenshot below to check its quality.

Other features:

  • You can save states at any point of the game and can load them later whenever you want.
  • Moreover, an option is available to fast forward the game but make sure you can play it with that speed; it can also hang your PC if hardware resources are little.
  • You can increase of decrease screen brightness.
  • The interesting thing is that you can record screen in GIF format so that you can share your achievements and remarkable moments on social media.

Download Now.

VGBA(Virtual GBA)

This one is similar to Visual GBA discussed above, but its graphics and sound quality are quite bad. Furthermore, my PC kept repeatedly hanging while playing games. It could be because of Windows 10 compatibility issues; you can list of the best GBA games to make it compatible.


  • You can run 64kB or 128kB flash ROMs on it.
  • More than five different video modes are available including full screen, interpolate and simulate modes. You can choose one according to your desire.
  • You can listen game’s sound in different modes too, for example, if you love relaxing music, then you can choose the Midi mode.

list of the best GBA games.


This one is quite good but not the best, it’s fast and loads games rapidly but the only thing I disliked were the graphics. I played Sonic Advance 3 on it, and the graphics quality was low. Moreover, there are lack of features in it, like you can’t fast forward games and also no screen recording functions available there.

Other features:

  • You can only take screenshots with its built-in feature.
  • One great thing I found in it is that you can move your saved data to NDS or any other GBA emulator, but you must have technicalknowledge of doing this.
  • You can’t save states in it but you can use readily available cheats and can skip hurdles

list of the best GBA games.


This one also has good features, but it didn’t work on my Windows 10 PC properly.

First I tried playing street fighter alpha 3 on it but it didn’t load the game, and then I ran another GBA game, and it ran instantly but with zero sound. I’m sure it’s because of Windows 10 compatibility issues, as this emulator was first launched in 2003 so it’s an outdated emulator.

I’d recommend it for Windows 7 and Windows XP users.


  • Zoom in feature up to 400%.
  • If you love the game sound, you can record it in MP3/Wav formats.
  • CPU and other hardware debuggers are available to diagnose the issues in case of failure.
  • Skip intro of any game with its “skip intro hacks” feature.

Download Now.

Only one emulator is enough to play GBA games, but I mentioned five different ones because of compatibility issues on various machines. Below are a few tips you should follow before playing GBA games:

  1. Make sure your computer’s resources(CPU+RAM) are enough to run these emulators.
  2. You should buy a big screen to enjoy these games fully.
  3. You shouldn’t use any untrusted websites to download games; they could infect your PC with a virus.
  4. You don’t need to spend money on DVDs of these games; you can get all of them from different gaming websites, just search your favorite ones on Google.
  5. Better to buy two joysticks to enjoy these games, if you use the keyboard then you would miss lots of fun.

If you think that the above list should feature some other emulator then comment below with its name, we’ll review and add it to the list for the Best GBA Emulators for PC Windows

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