If there was an award for the most hardworking appliance in your house, it would go to your refrigerator. Consider what it actually does: it keeps your food cool and fresh 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your food may be growing warm and starting to spoil if the contents of your refrigerator appear to be warmer than usual and the door was not left open. A refrigerator might suffer from a variety of issues. The good news is that not all of them will necessitate a costly appliance repair visit. To possibly resolve problems, all it takes is a few easy observations and tweaks to your everyday routine.


The refrigerator appears to be working overtime and not properly chilling

Check to see if the condenser coils are covered with dust and if your refrigerator seems to be working harder than usual or not cooling as well as it should. If you have dogs, their hair could be accumulating on the coils as well. Those coils are used to dissipate the heat created by your refrigerator. Your refrigerator needs to work harder to accomplish its function with all that dust accumulating and acting as insulation. You may easily get rid of the dust by sucking it up with the hose of your vacuum cleaner. To assist with coil cleaning, a cheap coil brush can be obtained. Cover the vent panel with something comparable to old hose material to avoid this problem from recurring. It prevents dust from accumulating on the coils while allowing air to circulate and cool everything as it should. Of course, if the coils are clean but the fridge is still overheating, it’s time to call the experts for fridge repairs.


In the freezer, there is too much ice

If you have a “frost-free” fridge and observe a lot of frost on the contents, you may have a problem. Outside air intrusion is usually indicated by the formation of frost around the contents of the freezer. To begin, remove the frost to ensure that the issue was not caused by simply keeping the door open for a brief time. Take a detailed check at the door seal if the frost reappears in a few days. Grime might compromise the freezer’s seal, allowing air to enter. Clean both the door seal and the area of the freezer it touches. A fridge repair professional is likely required if the seal is damaged or not making contact.


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