In South Africa, homes with solar solutions are extremely sought after, especially with the problems we have to deal with in our country. Load shedding isn’t something most people outside our borders are familiar with. And up until now, only the wealthy could afford to invest in solar power to keep things afloat. But that’s all about to change. 


Buying a house isn’t cheap. The house prices in South Africa have climbed at a ridiculous rate over the past 10 to 15 years. And while that’s great news for homeowners that bought before that, buying a similar home at an affordable price might prove to be a bit of a challenge for the young people who are just entering the market. 


If there’s one way to increase the value of your home this year, it is with solar geyser systems. Whether you’re planning to stay in that property for the next twenty years or plan on moving out in the next five, solar power will benefit you more than you can ever imagine. Not only will you save on your monthly electricity bill, but you will also be able to sell your Cape Town home for much more when the time comes.


Solar power is a great alternative energy solution all around. It offers FREE electricity for decades, it is clean and great for the environment, and the best part — it’s reliable. 


You might wonder just how reliable solar power can be during overcast days. And we are here to tell you that even though it doesn’t generate the same amount of energy as on sunny days, it’s still a much more reliable source of energy than our current provider, thanks to solar batteries.


If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of solar power while increasing the value of your property, we advise you to hire a qualified professional to assist with your solar installation. They will have extensive knowledge and the needed experience with solar installations. If you want to go completely off the grid, a quick survey of your home will give them all the information they need to provide you with the best solar solution for your unique needs. 


Someone who offers 24/7 assistance and takes great pride in the training of their team will give you the peace of mind you need. Increase your property’s value right now and invest in a quality solar power solution for your property.