If there’s one way to set your staff apart from the rest in your industry, it’s to make them visible in workwear bearing your logo and legend, and if there’s one way to do this with the minimum of hassle, it’s to meet all your workwear requirements under one roof at Total Guard!

While a vast majority of industries are required by legislation to equip their staff with high visibility workwear and safety workwear for operating under hazardous circumstances, it’s also a fact that any company that creates a recognizable presence through the use of uniforms, maintains a stronger presence among customers and potential customers, than those who don’t.

Branded workwear or a simple uniform can look very stylish, it doesn’t have to be dull and unattractive, and your staff will appreciate a good uniform instead of having to deal with the frustration about what to wear to work every day.

Total Guard is home to premium workplace safety solutions

On construction projects, roadworks and in other major industries that are considered high-risk, not only do you want to make sure that your workforce is protected with high-quality safety workwear, you also want them to stand out as representatives of your company.

Not only is Total Guard home to premium workplace safety solutions, this team of professionals will also assist you in branding your safety workwear in a way that not only keeps your workforce safe and visible, but that makes them recognizable ambassadors of your brand.

Retail industry workwear at Total Guard

The retail industry is well-represented by the range of clothing, shoes and other accessories at Total Guard, giving you a full range of stylish, fashionable clothing to choose from as the standard you wish to convey to the general public.

Your staff, whether in security or in car parts, can look really good in branded golf shirts or lounge shirts, along with jeans or combat trousers and safety shoes or boots.

Unisex range of protective workwear, from head to toe!

You’ll find everything you could possibly need in the full range of unisex protective workwear at Total Guard, covering all the workwear needs of your male and female workforce, from head to toe!

You won’t find a bigger range of PPE clothing for men and women than what’s available online at Total Guard, keeping your workforce safe under all conditions.

As a long-time distributor of PPE, security and tactical gear, technical workwear and apparel as well as welding equipment to both government and private sectors in South Africa, you can rely on the team at Total Guard to provide you with access to the highest quality in workwear this side of the equator!

Buy workwear online at Total Guard!

You can save a lot of time and money when you buy workwear in South Africa online at Total Guard! It’s one-stop shopping for workwear from the comfort of your office or home, and you can look forward to old-fashioned service excellence when you deal with these consummate professionals.

Contact Total Guard today to find out more about how they can make shopping for workwear absolutely hassle-free; you’ll find that shopping for workwear can become fun instead of the usual frustrating runaround, just to make sure your workforce is covered from head to toe!