Cannabis cultivation is an art form, a delicate balance of science and nurture. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or an enthusiastic beginner, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when starting your cannabis garden is whether to start from seeds or clones. In this blog post, we will explore this decision in depth, using the offerings from, a popular source for cannabis-related products in South Africa, as a reference point.

Seeds vs. Clones: An Introduction

Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are embryonic plants encased in a protective outer shell. There are three types of cannabis seeds: regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. Regular seeds will produce both male and female plants, feminized seeds will produce only female plants, and auto-flowering seeds will automatically transition from vegetative growth to the flowering stage without needing a change in the light cycle.

Cannabis Clones

A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant that can be replanted and raised to produce a bud. Essentially, clones are genetic copies of their parent plant.

Pros and Cons of Starting with Seeds


  1. Genetic Diversity: Starting from seeds allows you to explore a wider variety of strains, each with unique characteristics, including flavor profiles, growth patterns, and cannabinoid content.
  2. Resilience: Seeds generally result in stronger plants with a solid taproot system, making them more resilient to environmental stress, pests, and diseases.
  3. Availability: Seeds are easier to transport and store, making them more accessible and easy to purchase, especially online on platforms like


  1. Time-Consuming: Growing from seeds takes longer than clones, as you have to wait for the seed to germinate and for the plant to grow into maturity.
  2. Uncertainty: Unless you’re using feminized seeds, there’s a chance you could end up with male plants, which don’t produce buds and can pollinate females, leading to seedy buds.
  3. Variability: Even seeds from the same strain can produce plants with differing characteristics, making it harder to maintain consistency in your garden.

Pros and Cons of Starting with Clones


  1. Speed: As clones are cuttings from mature plants, they have a head start and will mature faster than seeds.
  2. Consistency: Since clones are genetically identical to their parent plant, you can expect uniform growth and product quality, which is excellent for maintaining a consistent garden.
  3. Guaranteed Females: Clones taken from female plants will always be female, so there’s no risk of accidentally growing male plants.


  1. Disease Transmission: If the mother plant has diseases or pests, the clones will likely carry these problems, requiring extra care and attention.
  2. Limited Availability: Not all strains are available as clones, and depending on your location, clones may be harder to come by than seeds.
  3. Root System: Clones do not develop a taproot, making them less sturdy and potentially less able to absorb nutrients than seed-grown plants.

In conclusion, whether you should start your cannabis garden with clones or seeds depends on your specific needs and constraints. If you’re looking for genetic diversity and resilience, seeds might be your best option. On the other hand, if you’re after speed and consistency, you might want to go with clones. Regardless of your choice, provides a vast selection of both seeds and clones, making it a convenient and reliable source for your cannabis cultivation needs.