Hi y'all,

I'm doing some embedded linux development for a machine that
conceptually always has a single user application running in full-
screen mode, in addition to occasional pop-up notifications to
indicate certain state changes (device plugged in, volume changed,

One of the primary applications we want to use has the annoying
tendency to drop out of full screen mode if it notices the mouse
leaving it's domain. Thus if we have a notification window on the
screen and the mouse pointer crosses over it, the application
effectively "crashes to desktop" as far as the user is concerned.

So I need to make sure that this application doesn't lose focus. I
can't see how to make the window-manager-less X server even stop being
in focus-follows-mouse mode, and am having no luck with the info I can
find on X11 on how to capture the focus properly.

Anybody out there that can give me some pointers?

With thanks in advance,
David H. Brandt