I want to draw a text in a transparent window. I use the XShape
extension for this. Making background transparent works fine. I create
a pixmap draw the text in it and use XShapeCombineMask to map it into
the window.

Now the problem.
I want use xft library for anti-aliasing, but it doesn't work. I think
the problem is the color depth of 1 of the pixmap. Only the pixels set
to 1 in the pixmap are combined with the window (or grafics context),
but Xft's XftDrawString8() also writes some other pixels for anti-
aliasing. I want to combine also these pixels with the window.

My question. A pixmap with higher color depth doesn't work. I get an
error calling XShapeCombineMask(). How can I use XShape with Xft (anti-