I write this for anybody else who also knows nothing about LINUX or the
MAC but has finished their commercial QT project on Windows.

Get Tim Dewhurst of


to do it for you and then help you to do if for yourself.

Or alternatively, if you are non-commercial and have plenty of time,
you can try the MAC build yourself using these essential notes:-


The application build follows the same pattern i.e. you do two builds,
one with the QT/intel version and the other with the QT/ppc version and
then stitch them together in the same manner to create the universal

This universal build only works on the latest MACs, version 4.0 or
above, I think.

I used the Linux Pocket Guide to find out how to use the MAC's console
(a linux thing or is it unix? called "bash") and I spent a couple of
weeks familiarising myself with this first.

Without the commercial help, it might have taken me another week or so
to figure it all out, but then I am a bit of a thicky.