I am using Cygwin with X Window on Windows XP. When I used the
following line to start two X Window Screens, I encountered a problem
on X Root Window of :0.0.

%RUN% XWin -clipboard -silent-dup-error -lesspointer -screen 0
1450x1136+1+1 -screen 1 -multiwindow

One (:0.1) of the two X Screens runs under Windows' window manager.
This runs fine.

The other (:0.0) screen has a 1450x1136 Root Window. It seems to me
the coordinates of sub-windows under this Root Window are relative to
Windows' XP, not relative to the Root Window. So, if I moved the Root
Window (under Windows XP), the coordinates of sub-windows are off by
some amount. So, if the mouse is on the window, the X may not think
so; and thus I got window the focusing problem. It will also be hard
to choose a sub-item under Window Manager's menu (I used ctwm.) I
think this is a bug.

The problem only happens when I started two screens on one line. Any
workaround suggestions will be appreciated.