In one of my applications I have a large number of functions assigned
to Function keys, CTRL-Function keys, Shift-Function keys and
CTRL-Shift-Function keys. I have been using this perfectly under
XFree86 version 3.3.6 for many years. However I am working on
installing a new system that includes version 6.8.2 of Xorg. I am able
to get CTRL-Function keys to work fine I am having difficulty with
Shift-Function keys and CTRL-Shift-Function keys.

I've been using XEmacs to determine what X is sending to the
applications. It has a function called describe key, that displays
the key+qualifier combination it receives from X. I cat run XEmacs on
the xorg6.8.2 and display it on ether the xorg6.8.2 or the XFree86
machine. When displayed on the XFree86 machine the shift-fn keys work
as expected. But when using the Xorg machine, when I type a shift F3
only F3 is registered, I get simular results with the other fn keys.

I've tried using xmodmap and have not been able remedy the situation.
If X is incapable of sending a shift-function keys I would not mind if
a shift function yielded a higher number function key (shift F1
yealing F13). In my experiments using xmodmap keycode I was able to
remap the shifted and non-shifted values of other keys, but I was not
able to remap the shifted fn keys.

Does anyone have an idea on assigning multiple functions to a single
fn key?