I created a LABEL widget using XtVaCreateWidget function.
Now I want to update the XmNlabelString fom another function in which I

will pass a string and I want to fetch the corresponding entry from the

Resource file which cant be done by the XtVaSetValues function. Please
hel[p me to find a solution
For example the string I passed to the function is "quit" and
the corresponding entry in the Resource file is " *quit.labelString
: EXIT ".
Now I want the label to be updated as "EXIT".
This can be done at the time of creation fo widget by using the
XtVaCreateWidget(). But for me I want to update an already created
I cant use XtVaSetValues because it takes the string directly as

void setString(const char *s)
xmstr = XmStringCreateLocalized( (char *)s );
//I want a method to load from Resource file
XtVaSetValues( Widget,

with Regards