In the Xt app, I am obtaining X server time using method
described in [1] (dummy self-XChangeProperty()). The app
is written such that the app need to "wait" until the event
comes back. How can I wait [until the event generated
via XChangeProperty()] comes back ?

Or, how can I get at least get eventId of the event that was
generated by my XChangeProperty() ?

And another question. Can I rely that x server time is
in milliseconds ? Or this is some opaque value, not necessarily
in milliseconds ? (supposedly, since x server startup)


Summary: How to obtain the Server time

Thanks to all who responded. The question was: How can the Server time
obtained. This can be accomplished by doing the following:

XSelectInput(display, win, PropertyChangeMask)
(select for the event generated by XChangeProperty)
XChangeProperty(display, win, XA_WM_NAME, XA_STRING, 8,
PropModeAppend, NULL, NULL);
(when you want to know the server time, append zero-length data
to some
window property; this generates a PropertyNotify event)
case PropertyNotify:
printf("Server Time is now %ld\n",report.xproperty.time);
(when the event is received, we have the time value.)

-Greg Gancarz