For more information on the petition. Visit.
or jump straight to signing the petition here.

I'd like to express my thanks for all the support received so
far, there are now over 900 people who've put their name to the

However I'm trying to get a few more before I submit it to The
Open Group, so I could still use your help.

If you have any friends or colleagues that would be interested
in this, please forward the links on to them so they can
consider it too.

There's been some success in promoting this petition on various
online news sites, such as, and [1]. If you know of any more, please feel free to
contact them with information, or pass their names on to me and
I'll try and fill them in.

For a more complete list of the publicity that the petition has
received, check

Once again, thanks for the support so far, and I hope we can do
even better in future.

Peter Howkins