I'd like to send an event from my driver (in the x-server) so that any
/ all clients can get the event. The reason is to tell the client
applications that the driver has detected a new monitor hot-plug event.
I've tried to post a ClientMessage without success; I don't know if I'm
not sending it or that the client is not getting it! Here's my driver

xEvent event;
memset( &event, 0, sizeof(event) );
event.u.u.type = ClientMessage; // |0x80;
event.u.clientMessage.window = 0;
event.u.clientMessage.u.l.type = 32; //or: MakeAtom("WM_PROTOCOLS",
12, 0);
event.u.clientMessage.u.l.longs0 = 0xd0d0b0b0;
int __sigstate = xf86BlockSIGIO ();
xf86eqEnqueue (event);

As I get other events in my test client, I'm assuming it's the sending
that's not working.
Do I have to specify special values to u.u.type, clientMessage.window
or u.l.type?