I am trying to building pkg-config-0.19 on Solaris 9 x86, using gcc
3.4.4 and gmake 3.80. It configures and compiles cleanly using the
defaults, but any attempt to execute the resulting binary, pkg-config,
results in the following error:

# pkg-config --exists 'pangoxft >= 1.2.0'
sh: gnome-config: not found

The only reference I can find to gnome-config is in the
gnome-libs-1.4.2 package. Unfortunately, gnome-libs appears to be
rather old, requiring an inordinate number of equally old versions of
additional libraries and packages. I do not relish the thought of
trying to compile if there is any alternative.

As a general question, if gnome-config is really as old as it appears
to be, why is it still being used by pkg-config?

Any comments will be appreciated.