So I installed Cygwin on my Windows XP workstation and within the Bash shell
I connected to a Solaris server using X-Windows. It worked fine, I logged in
and found myself looking at the desktop of the Solaris window manager.
Proved very cool that I don't have to pay a penny for Hummingbird or some
other commercial app! I logged back out and it only let me log in again and
I couldn't figure out how to end the X-Windows session, so I Alt-Tabbed back
to the Bash console and Ctrl-C'd to stop the X-Windows process.

I considered this a successful test and I set up .bat (for Windows) and .sh
files to make a Windows shortcut to the Solaris desktop. But then the next
time I tried to connect to the Solaris machine, it would open up the
X-Windows window, but then after ten or so seconds of doing nothing, it
would close with an error.

Every time I connected it said "Session [n] failed", where [n] increments
every time I connect, i.e. 9 or 10--this number is coming from the Solaris
box because I had closed out of Bash several times.

I think Ctrl-C'ing was a mistake? It seems to have created problems on the
Solaris box? I walked over to the server and saw that the previous running
X-Windows session was still working fine there.

But then later tonight (just now, actually) it just worked. Weird. It seems
that whatever went wrong timed out or something?

I have very limited experience with *nix OS's. What was going on? Any