Hi there,

I am not sure if this is right news group to discuss about cygwin or not.
But, I couldn't find any specific group for cygwing discussion. Anyways I
have some question about rsh and mount drive on cygwin.

Basically, I am having problem to see mapped drive on winXP while rsh to xp
box. Is there any work around to this? this is working fine on Win2K.

t: -> \\sever\shared

Linux BOX:
rsh xpbox
xpbox> ls /cygdrive/
c d e f <-- this only display physical drive on xp box. As you can see
it doesn't display network drives i.e. t.

Now If I fire up cygwin windows on XP box:
xpbox> ls /cygdrive/
c d e f t <-- This displays physical as well as network drive.

Does any one know how to solve this problem. Sorry but I am fairly new with

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance,