(Originally posted to tightvnc mailing list)

I'm following the suggestion at
http://www.realvnc.com/pipermail/vnc...ry/000114.html to
get rid
of stipple patterns and speed up a pixel-oriented remote-desktop connection
(VNC) when using twm. I've followed every detail to the letter. To
make sure,
I queried the X resources with xrdb, and also restarted twm. I get a
message whenever I launch xterm:

Warning: Cannot convert string 'solid' to type Pixmap

If I enable the scrollbar on the xterm, the slider is stippled. I assume
that this means the procedure didn't work for me. What could I be doing
wrong? I'm using solaris 8. It doesn't happen if I launch xclock,
presumably because it doesn't make use of a scrollbar.

On a possibly related note, the scrollbar for mozilla 1.2.1 is also stippled
(though it is stippled everywhere that the slider knob *isn't*, in contrast
to xterm). I'm hoping that if I solve the stippled slider for xterm, the
scrollbar for mozilla will also be fixed. If you have experienced this
(or the opposite), I'd appreciate hearing your comments on it.


P.S. I know mozilla 1.2.1 is old. My sys admin will upgrade as soon as
he has a chance.