I was able to use a PC X server called "XManager" to get XDMCP sessions
with some lab machines a few months ago. I wasn't doing much in the lab
at the time, and didn't use that functionality for a while. Today, I'm
trying to get it working again, and am falling flat on my face.

There is a Red Hat ES 3.0 machine and a Red Hat 7.1 machine. I went
through the XDMCP HOWTO and made sure everything they talked about was
done. I stopped using the XManager program because it was a
time-limited trial and I don't have funding to buy more software. So I
installed Cygwin. I found the startxdmcp.bat file, changed the SET
REMOTE_HOST setting to the IP of the machines) I'm trying to connect to,
and run it. I get a blank grey X window... I never see XDMCP or
anything else.

I'm at a brick wall and could use some pointers as to how to go about

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