This is the announcement of VTWM 5.4.6b, a patchlevel upgrade of
the seven-year old 5.4 release of the X Window System window manager.

This patchlevel upgrade provides:
- Fixed a bug causing sporadic restarts when realizing unmanaged
windows of applications built with newer versions of popular
X Window System toolkits.

The web page,, has been updated,
and the archive may be found via a link there, or directly via FTP at Visit the above
web page for installation notes, complete histories, and more.

VTWM continues to be 100% backward-compatable with TWM. It can still
build and run under X11R4, and lose no self-supported functionality.
Release 5.4.6 supports the many features expected of "modern" window
managers, is highly configurable, yet it keeps a small footprint and
quick response. VTWM is quite portable; it has been built on over a
dozen different OSes, across nine platforms.

David J. Hawkey Jr. (
October 1, 2004


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