Hi folks-

I'm running Solaris 8, and did something to my system settings that
screwed up my default fonts. A restore of my .Xdefaults from backup
didn't change anything, so that isn't what changed, and I don't know
what did. Every new window I open has an unpleasant font. I've
searched through many of the fonts (there are hundreds) to try to
find the one I set the system up with years ago when I first dealt
with this, but haven't yet been able to find it. I still have
terminal windows open using the original default fixed-width font
I'm trying to identify. Is there a piece of X code I can run in
a shell window that will tell me what font that window is using?

Thanks for any help, and if there's a better forum for this, please
let me know.

-Tom Loredo

PS: For the record, here's how it happened: I was hoping to identify
my default fixed-width font to use to set up a new Linux box, so
I opened the "Font" tool in the "Style Manager." It didn't have
the info I was looking for so I hit "Cancel." Yet somehow that
affected all my settings. If you know what file this tool might
have altered, please let me know so I can check my backup of it.


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