I am using Reflection X on a PC to host an X session. I
normally use 9wm as my window manager and there is an
annoying feature under Reflection X by which the window
manager's menu only becomes active when the mouse is within
the border of one of the X11 applications running on the
display, and at the same time all the normal PC destop items
are visible.

I recently had to use a CDE session and found that the
behaviour is quite different. Xdtwm (or whatever the window
manager is) seems to take over the whole display and hides
the PC desktop icons. The window manger menu is active
on the background anywhere on the screen, unlike 9wm's
behaviour. The icon bar on the bottom of the screen remains
however, but the display takes on the appearance of CDE on a
Sun display.

I would like to `fix' 9wm but I have no idea where to
start looking at a problem like this. Does anyone have any