I'm running Exceed 9 on XP Pro, and using a rlogin start method to log
into a remote machine, set the display variable and cast an xterm back
to my machine. Simplest thing in the world, right? Well when I open
an xterm into a remote machine, an xstart process is started on my
local machine. After I dismiss the window (either by typing "exit" or
clicking on "x") the xstart process is still in my local process

When I exit from exceed (via the toolbar) I still have the xstart
process in my process table.

After awhile, I have collected twenty or thirty xstart processes, and
have to either kill them individually from task manager, or reboot to

This was an issue with Exceed 7 and remains an issue after we upgraded
to 9.

I've opened a case with hummingbird, shipped them my config, and they
have made a few suggestions to the command line and shipped me a new
xstart.exe and exceed.exe, none of which have made the slightest
difference, either for good or bad.

Anyone else having this issue?

Ron (ronc@europa.com)