I know this is a slightly odd cross-post, but I have a question
regarding the subject.

Basically, I want to cross-compile using Linux an
application that runs on Windows and uses OpenGL (or maybe
DirectX but that's far less likely!). I can cross-compile
using Linux and MingW32 an application that uses Win32,
and I can do some simple OpenGL stuff under X (either with
X directly, or with SDL) but how can I include OpenGL in
Win32, and prove that it will work under Windows?

Note that I'm using Gentoo -- and ideally I'd not need
anything in /usr/local, although I'm willing to put stuff
in there as required. A cross-platform widget set such
as wxWindows or V would be a plus as well. And yes, I
have a GL-capable card that works (ATI Radeon 9000),
although I don't have Windows.

Surely someone's thought of this... :-)


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