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>> (Subbiah) loihe lausumahan:
>>>I am trying to display live camera image of 24 bit depth 1200x960
>>>size. The images are coming at 30 frames per second.

>>Are your video frames really 1200x960? Not many cameras can transmit
>>data a that rate.

> Actually I am getting the data for 640x480. I am zooming by factor two
> gives me size of 1280x960 ( Sorry for my wrong info in the previous
> mail).
>>1200960430bytes per second is a lot of bandwidth. If your video is
>>smaller, use XVideo to scale it fullscreen on server side.

> All my data are coming RGB Format. Do you mean, I have to convert the
> RGB to YCbCr format?.

Not necessarily. Many video grab hardware can acquire in many formats,
including the ones best for XVideo.

> Along with the video, I am having side menu bar with control
> functions. So I cannot switch to fullscreen DGA Mode.

Yes you can; make the control bar a window on top of the full-screen.

I recommend you look at mplayer ( for a
high-performance video display application.

Another one is 'tvtimes'.

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