IST has just announced the availability of a new advanced migration
solution designed to salvage Motif-based applications developed using
the UIM/X User Interface Builder (also known as HP Interface Architect
and IBM AIC).

Once a popular Motif development tool, UIM/X lacks the fundamental
requirements of a modern Motif GUI Builder such as Motif 2.1 and Linux
support. In addition the code generated by UIM/X fails to meet the
stricter standards enforced by the latest compilers and locked the
application into a proprietary toolkit layer seriously limiting
portability of application code.

For developers stranded with applications developed using UIM/X help
is now at hand.

IST's UIM/X Migration Solution is based on the X-Designer
cross-platform GUI Builder combined with a comprehensive new UIM/X
conversion tool. X-Designer runs on all the latest platforms, supports
Motif 2.1 and provides a migration path to other platforms such as
Java and Windows. X-Designer generates open, portable source code and,
unlike UIM/X, does not lock the application into a proprietary toolkit

The migration process is straightforward. The UIM/X conversion tool
directly reads UIM/X Project (.prj) and Interface (.i) files and
converts them to X-Designer. This conversion tool automatically
handles many aspects of a UIM/X project not handled by other
conversion tools.

Features of the UIM/X conversion tool include:

- Direct handling of UIM/X project (.prj) and interface (.i) files. No
need to generate UIL to convert a project.

- Automatic conversion of all user interface designs.

- Extraction of callback code in .i files and conversion to X-Designer
equivalent callback modules for easy re-coding.

- Creation of structured header files for all declarations entered
using the UIM/X Declaration Editor.

- Conversion of UIM/X re-usable components to equivalent X-Designer
re-usable objects.

For more information or to download an evaluation copy of the
converter visit: