Hi folks.

If this is the wrong newsgroup to post to, I apologyze.

I have a HP TC2120 Server (P-IV, 2.6 GHZ, 1.2 GBytes of RAM, SCSI hard
drive) with FreeBSD 5.2 installed. It has an ATI RAGE XL video card
with 8 Mbytes of RAM.

I have X server 4.3.0 with "ati" driver configured and it seems to
work OK.

Sometimes though, after I logout GNOME my server completely freezes.

I don't think it is a GNOME problem because it completely freezes
operating system. Only thing to do is a manual reboot by turning off
the computer.

What other driver can I try in order to get this thing stable and
working? Is there a known problem I am missing? I checked the XFree86
web site and it seems to support ATI RAGE XL without problems.

Thanks in advance.