dxpc installed OK on Solaris at work, and Linux at home.

on remote Solaris"darkstar" (rlogin through VPN)
[stevem@darkstar]> setenv DISPLAY
[stevem@darkstar]> dxpc -f -u
[stevem@darkstar]> setenv DISPLAY unix:8

on local Linux
/home/stevem> setenv DISPLAY unix:0
/home/stevem> dxpc -f darkstar

now try to run simple x-application on remote:
[stevem@darkstar]> xcalc
Error: Can't open display: unix:8


also tried another display besides default#8 on remote

[stevem@darkstar]> dxpc -f -u -d 6
[stevem@darkstar]> setenv DISPLAY unix:6
[stevem@darkstar]> xcalc
Error: Can't open display: unix:6

I typed "xhost +" on both Solaris and Linux before
I tried all this.

so what is wrong with the dxpc client on the remote Solaris?