when i'm using the GWM window manager, open office products (all of
them) are unusable because both menubar & toolbar menus flash briefly
and are _apparently_ obscured by the main window when selected w/mouse

if i select the menubar with , the File (leftmost) menu is
hilited, an i can change the selected menu with and
keys, but when i try to display a menu, using , the File menu is
selected (not displayed) and nothin' else happens

finally, the menuboxes in the toolbar (e.g., font selector) don't show
up when selected with the mouse, but i can change, e.g., the font
using arrow keys

i'm using the latatest and greatest GWM (1.8d), debian packaged, and
also ooffice is installed via the official debian package

i have not experienced such problems when using other window managers,
so i'd could think it's a gwm's bug, but similar problems with
mozilla's menus diappeared some time ago, so maybe it's just that
ooffice is (mozilla was) bugged and the other wm don't care enough to
do _exactly_ what requested...

if you can help, i'll be happy to add further details to the above

tia, gb

NB: f/u to *.x.apps