Motif Developers,

Have you noticed that the keyboard up and down arrows do the opposite
to what you would expect on with the XmSpinBox widget on Solaris? Want
to know why and how to fix it?

Ever wondered how to create a splash screen for your Motif

Do you need to create text fields that autotab when a certain number
of characters have been typed (whilst also handling delete, cut and
paste, text overwrite etc)?

Ever wanted to know everything there was to know about error handling
with X, Xt and Motif?

Answers to all these and more plus the latest news in the Motif world
are now online at the #1 home for Motif and Open
Motif developer information and resources.

News Items

-- IST Launches Motif to Java Migration Service

Imperial Software Technology recently announced the launch of its
Motif to Java Migration Service, a complete and cost effective service
for the rapid and automated conversion of legacy C/C++ X/Motif based
applications to the Java Platform.

If you are planning to migrate your Motif application to Java IST can
perform the migration for a fraction of the cost of re-writing or
manually converting the code.

Read more at:

-- Motif widgets now available for MacOS X

Quest Software recently released their XRT/PDS Motif widget set for
MacOS X.

Read more at:

Latest Technical Tips and Advice

-- How can a pixmap have a transparent background?

I'd like to be able to display pixmaps in my application so that the
background is transparent and just the foreground of the image

-- How do I handle errors emanating from the Motif, X Toolkit, and X

Error handling in X/Motif based applications can be a tricky task in
application programming. This article tells you everything you need to

-- How do I create a splash screen with no window manager borders?

A common requirement for showing copyright information, application
startup status and product logos. We show you exactly how this is done
in X and Motif:

-- Why do the Up and Down arrows work 'wrongly' with XmSpinBox?

A subtle bug in the Solaris release of Motif that is easy to get
around when you know how:

-- How do I limit the number of characters that can be entered into a
text field and then autotab when that limit is reached?

A key requirement for data entry intensive applications. Everything
you need to implement this functionality in your applications
including code examples:


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