In, AnilKumar

on 18 Jan 2004 21:42:51 -0800
> hi,
> Our Application involves replication of databases located in different
> places, so when i synchronise these databases through my application,
> because of large data transfer and load, my application stops
> responding and making the system hang for few minutes creating a white
> fading window on the screen. And because of this i am not able to
> navigate to or open another window until the process of my application
> gets completed. we are running Windows 2000 o/s and the application is
> devoloped in VB 6.0 with MSSQL server 2000 as the backend.
> Please help me in solving the above problem, which would help me
> either to get the focus onto window or atleast i would be able to
> shift to another window and work normally until my application does
> its work in the background.

Sorry, wrong newsgroup. This is for the X Window System; unless
your application uses something like Cygwin XFree86, XWin32, or
eXceed, this newsgroup probably not all that relevant to your problem.

You might try somewhere near .

It's still legal to go .sigless.