eValid: Full Financial Times FT-150 Survey Available
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Does WebSite quality track with company size and reputation? How
well do big companies WebSites rank?

Can we learn something by studying the technical properties of these
big WebSites? By comparing them, one against another? And then, by
adding in subjective factors (see below), do big-company websites'
overall quality match up to company size?

We did this evaluation -- using data we collected and massaged from
the websites of the Financial Times Top 150 companies worldwide --
the FT-150.

We used both technical evaluations (done with eValid in site
analysis mode) and manual process evaluations (done by our skilled
BlueRiverStone website quality analysis partner) to arrive at our
overall FT-150 rankings.

We think you'll find the results very illuminating! The complete
FT-IT report is found at this URL:

{The report is also available to FT subscribers from
. Simply search for "eValid" to be taken
directly to the article.)

You can see even more of the details -- including a complete
description of the methodology -- at this URL:

Please let us hear from you if you have any questions or comments!

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