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> ANOTHER NOTE: We have some users expressing interest in buying laptops
> and running X
> remotely. Any suggestions on machines (SONY VAIO, MAC POWERBOOK, DELL
> (shudder))
> and operating systems (MAC OS-X, Linux redhat/mandrake, or, ... ahem
> WINDOWS) they
> should get so they will be ABLE to run our 8-bit AND 24-bit apps? So
> far, the users with Linux
> (redhat) and Windows laptops have had NO LUCK. We're looking for
> something compatible
> under $2K. The Windows folks will need an emulator....suggestions?

I've used StarNet Communications X server on Windows, and it supports both 24-bit truecolor and 8-bit pseudocolor applications simultaneously, side to side, on the same display. The 8-bit part is emulated and rather slow, though.

> I notice there is a thing called "Overlay" described on some Web pages
> regarding XF86Config-4 but
> i don't know how to set it up. And am beginning to SUSPECT that our
> NVIDIA GeForce 4 card may
> would be
> appreciated. We want 8-bit pseudocolor, 24-bit truecolor/directcolor
> and two displays (right now we
> only have one but if we have to buy a new card we have decided we may
> as well get two because
> we open a LOT of windows while we're working and are getting sick of
> them overlapping all the time.)
> I would love to type "xdpyinfo" and have "Pseudocolor" 8-bit come up
> as the Default visual, but
> i don;t know how to get it to show up as any visual. Instructions?

The Matrox G400 supports both 8-bit pseudocolor and 24-bit truecolor modes simultaneously; 8-bit pseudocolor is the default visual (the visual of the root window). It seems to work OK. It's supported on XFree86 4.x, and also on other commercial X servers.
I've tried personally XFree86 4.0.x and 4.2.x, and it works.

Those cards should be dart cheap these days, on the second hand market; they came out in 1999.

Old Sun workstations can also be had for extremely low prices, and can be used as X terminals; The models with a Creator framebuffer have very good X performance, and allow 8 and 24 bit modes simultaneously.

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