dalton@mail.arc.nasa.gov (dr.lizard) writes:

> Dan Espen wrote in message news:...
>> Bart Declercq writes:
>> >>
>> >> Does ANYBODY know how to run BOTH 24-bit TrueColor and 8-bit
>> >> PseudoColor on
>> >> a Linux box?

>> > 1) Run two X-servers, one in 24-bit, one in 8-bit on Displays 0 and 1 (The
>> > users will have to switch to one or the other using ctrl-alt-F7 and
>> > ctrl-alt-F8 depending on which apps they need)
>> >

> Hmm, ok, i'll bite. What command do i use to do this? I don't know how
> to specify
> displays 0 and 1. I do know how to type
> startx -- -depth 8

To start 8 bit pseudocolor on the second vt (8):

startx -- :1 -bpp 8 vt8

>> Some Sun systems can run both 8 and 24 bit at the same time.
>> That may be why it works well on the Suns.

> Oh, it works GREAT on the Suns. Maybe that's why they are having so
> much trouble in the
> marketplace...their displays work with all kinds of apps...? God
> forbid such a thing as
> compatibility should happen. But i digress.....

Please dispense with the rants...

>> I'm not sure why you bought this to a mandrake group, comp.windows.x
>> would probably be more appropriate.

> Hey great suggestion...consider it done. In my naivete, i simply
> skipped the word "Windows" thinking
> it to refer to ...well, you know who. I went over and ran a search on
> "pseudocolor" but after reading
> umptytrillion posts over 5 years old claiming it simply cannot be
> done, and eleventy-seven posts since
> year Y2K asking for help with CygWin, i'm crossposting. Please don't
> hate me.

Well, I don't think it can be done either, but if it can someone
in the X group would know.

The stuff the Sun does requires an expensive video card and
special features in the X Server.

>> I'm not sure what you mean about the 8 bit colors being screwy, but
>> I've found some of the more popular Linux tool kits just grab
>> colors like they are an unlimited resource. You might want
>> to try a window manager like Fvwm (that makes some
>> attempt to conserve colors) on the 8 bit display and stay away
>> from KDE or Gnome apps on that display.

You still haven't defined "screwy" so that I understand what you are
going on about.

Twm and fvwm should use a similar number of colors.
Assuming you don't start an app that grabs the whole color palette.

> Uhh, twm didn't do any better but i'm willing to try fvwm. What is the
> command that starts it?