We got a brand new beamer and I'd like to connect my laptop via svideo-out.
I thought that this would be fairly easy and I just connected laptop and
beamer via cable, but this attempt failed.

Looks like I need some extra stuff (drivers, settings in X ?) but I'm not
sure what I need and where I should start looking.

Second thing is, if I really want to use svideo. By now I connect fine
with rgb-output, but the screen-refresh-frequency of my laptop is only
60khz, which could be better. Will this be better with svideo ? Or can I
change this on my laptop ?

I am bit confused with all this crt, lcd-screens and svideo and the fact
that a laptop hasnt screenfrequencies at all and ..
Maybe someone could give me a brief introduction in what I want
I run a dell inspiron 4000 with an ATI Rage M3 Mobility Graphicscard (I use
the rage128-module) and some homemade 2.4.20-kernel. I use some Xfree
4.1-version, based on a Mandrake8.1-distri.


ps: sorry for crossposting but I just dont know where my question belongs
to. Therefore no fup set.

peter pilsl