Hi Everyone,

I am trying to test the XRecord Extension that we use in our
regression test program.

I have a test program that I got from Christope Tronche's website
(http://tronche.com/gui/x/all-request.cc). I use this program as my X
application to generate requests. While it runs I have xmond running
so I can see the requests and events that are generated.

I then run the all-request.cc program again with my XRecord program
(instead of xmond )- to see what request and events it receives.

I originally found lots of descrepancies - XRecord program received
alot of requests that xmond never received. I have reduced garbage
requests greatly by playing with some of XRecord configuration values.

Now I would like to test our application that runs via an X server
using xdmcp. I would like to see what actual/real requests/events
are received with xmond and then compare it to what I get with the
XRecord program.

This is how I start things when NOT using xdmcp:
1. On server1 start X server: "X :3 -ac" (X server listens on port
2. On server1 start xmond: "xmond -port 2 < xmon.setup > test1.out"
(xmod will listen/intercept packets on port 6002 - and forward packets
to port 6003).
3. Start all-request X application - set display to: "server1:2"

Can xmon be used to monitor a server started with xdm query?

Is this how I should start things when running WITH xdmcp:
1. On server1 start X server: "X :3 -ac -query server3" ??
2. On server1 start xmond: "xmond -port 2 < xmon.setup > test2.out" ??
3. Start the application: not sure how I tell the application to use
display "server1:2" instead of the port it qets the query on. I
assume it would be somewhere in the xdm config files but not sure
where or if it is even possible.

Thanks for you help.
Janice Waddick