Hi Everyone,

Can xmon be used to monitor a server started with xdm query?

I have played with xmon on a regular X server. For example if I start
an X server with "X :3 -ac" ( X server listens on port 6003 ), I
would then start xmond with: "xmond -port 2 < xmon.setup" ( xmod will
listen/intercept packets on port 6002 - and forward packets to port
6003). Xmond and X server are both running on server1. Then I would
run my X application with the display set to server1:2. This seems to

But now I want to monitor a server started on server1 with "X :3 -ac
-query server3". I want to monitor the login process that occurs
through the startup of the application. Can it be done? Do I start
xmond the same way ? But somehow the login process packets have to be
intercepted by xmond.

Thanks for the help
Janice Waddick