Hi all.

Is there some secret to opaquely resizing partially-obscured shaped

I've hacked VTWM to preserve stacking order on cancelled move and resize
operations by deferring the raise that occurs at operation start until
operation end, because VTWM doesn't track the stacking order.

All works as expected, with or without the opaque options, except for
opaquely resizing partially-obscured shaped windows (i.e., "squeezed
titles"). Trying to do this results in a server SIGSEGV. However, doing
so in an Xnest "session" works!

The function SetFrameShape() in resize.c is essentially unchanged from
its TWM counterpart, except to accomodate "3D" borders.

I'm thinking two things: Either the Shape extension is flawed in the
XFree86 implementation, or application code has to deal with multiple
unobscured rectangles, ignoring the obscured rectangles (maybe because
the Shape extension _is_ flawed?).

Currently, a kludge is in place to raise the window at resize start
if (squeezed titles && opaque resizing), but I don't like this at all.

Stumped VTWM maintainer,


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