Hi, everyone,

I'm using Xwin32 as my windows2000 xserver to run remote
X-applications. I know there are mainly 2 ways to run a remote
X-applications. The first is by the XDMCP mode when the remote X
windows manager is shown on my windows2000 screen. Then everything can
be run inside this X windows manager. The other way, is to activate
the Xwin32 server first, then telnet to my remote host, and run the
X-application by a -display xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx parameter. This way does
not require an X windows manager.

Either way works on my system.

My long question is, by the XDMCP mode when the remote X windows
manager is launched on my screen, everything (including the border of
the window, the colors, etc) by the CDE decorations are reproduced
correctly by Xwin32. But, when I telnet to remote host and run a
single X-application, the CDE decorations, the CDE colors, are all
lost by Xwin32!

For an example, the /usr/dt/bin/dtterm on my local screen shows an
ugly dark screen color. Also the CDE window border is quite different
from its original look on our CDE workstation itself.

I guess the X windows manager is responsible to allocate resources for
the decorations and the colors of each X-applications. The problem is,
is it possible to restore the CDE decoration on my local screen but
without the X-windows manager be launched (I hate to run a remote X
windows manager on my screen because it is very slow. I only need to
run very few X-applications.)? That is, by the second mode, can I
correctly show the right colors and windows decorations of dtterm (for
an example) on my local screen? How to make the configuration on
Xwin32 then?

Thanks a lot.

Linhui YE